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How to Boost Your SEO with Your WordPress Website Images

Images on your WordPress website are essential for both design and SEO. Whether you’re using stock photography, photos of your...
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Top 5 Smart Lead Magnet Ideas for Interior Designers

If you think about the newsletters you receive in your inbox each month, how many of these started with you...
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How I Use Asana to Collaborate with my Brand + Website Design Clients

Asana is a project management system that allows me to stay organized and connected with design projects. This tool is...
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My Step-by-Step Brand and Website Design Process

Since opening my design business in 2016, I've learned that the process and client experience can be just as important...
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Create a Privacy Policy for Your Website (+ Other Disclaimers to Know)

At the bottom of every website, you’ve likely noticed links to legal notices. A simple privacy policy is usually the...
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7 Tips to Get the Best Possible Headshots for Your Interior Design Website

Your interior design business is in a unique position of being considered both a personal brand and service-based business. With...
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5-Step Checklist for Your WordPress Website Maintenance Routine

WordPress is my favorite website platform to use for my own business and for my clients. When built correctly it...
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A Simple Nurture Sequence Formula for New Email Subscribers

When done right, a simple nurture sequence formula builds rapport with your new email subscribers. A nurture sequence is a...
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Behind-the-Scenes of my Brand Questionnaire + Prep Work Process

At the start of every design project, a thought-provoking brand questionnaire is completed by my clients as I guide them...
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