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Smart Ideas for an Effective Interior Design Portfolio_Featured Image

7 Ideas for an Effective Interior Design Portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important parts of your online presence. It needs to be visually appealing and...
How to Choose an Interior Design Business Name - Featured

How to Choose an Interior Design Business Name

Choosing a name for your interior design business can be a complex task that requires a lot of thought. Choosing...
Homepage Essentials - laptop on desk with glasses

What to Include on Your Interior Design Website Home Page

Your interior design homepage is a reflection of the hard work you put into creating beautiful spaces in people’s homes....
Are you still debating whether to start an interior design blog

Are you ready to start a blog on your interior design website?

Adding a blog to your interior design website is a great way to elevate your business. An interior design blog...
Creating an Ideal Client Profile

Creating an Ideal Client Profile for Your Business

Creating an ideal client profile and getting clear on your target audience is important at any stage of business. In...
The Fundamentals of Brand Loyalty for Growing Interior Design Firms

Brand Loyalty for Growing Interior Design Firms

Have you ever paused and asked yourself why you choose one brand over another? Most of us don’t. Behind each...
SEO for Interior Designers Get Found and Grow Your Design Firm - woman checking phone

SEO for Interior Designers: Get Found + Grow Your Design Firm

If you’re ready to boost traffic to your interior design website with organic search engine optimization (SEO) plus get a...
Marie Forleo BSchool 2023 Overview

An Overview of Marie Forleo’s BSchool in 2024

Take your business to the next level with Marie Forleo’s BSchool program. First taken back in 2016, it’s been monumental...
My B-School Review on Marie Forleo's B-School Online Course

My B-School Review: From Stay-at-Home Mom to Web Designer

Marie Forleo's B-School offers an online program for entrepreneurs looking to take their business and life goals to the next...
How to Perform an Annual Website Review

Website Audit Checklist: How to Improve Your Website in 2024

Performing regular website audits is a proactive way of protecting one of your greatest marketing investments. Even if you’re more...
My Step-by-Step Brand and Website Design Process

My Step-by-Step Brand and Website Design Process

At the heart of every successful website design is a streamlined and efficient process. Sure the deliverable is important but...
Image of a desk workspace for blog post: Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform for Interior Designers

Why I Love Using WordPress for Interior Designer Websites

As a website designer who has been using WordPress since 2011, I deeply appreciate the power and versatility of this...
The Most Important Pages for Your New Interior Design Website, interior designer typing

Top 5 Important Pages to Include on Your Interior Design Website

What pages should my website have? This is one of the most common questions I receive from new brand and...

How to Plan for Your Upcoming Website Launch Announcement

Over the years many clients have asked how and when to launch their new brand and website to their audience...
website essentials for interior designers

Uncover 5 Website Essentials for Interior Designers

Stand out with these website essentials for interior designers. Learn the essentials for landing dream design projects, showcasing your aesthetic,...

Brand Photography for Interior Designers — Is it really necessary?

Brand photography for interior designers tends to get overlooked. Do interior designers need brand photography or are your portfolio photos...

Why Professional Website Copy is Worth the Investment

Website copy refers to the words and messaging found throughout your website. In a way, website copy is the foundation...

Hiring a Web Designer? FAQs for Everything You Want to Know

Hiring a web designer is an important step in creating a polished and professional website for your interior design business....