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How to Optimize Images You’ve Already Uploaded to Your WordPress Website

I just started on a brand new redesign for a client. Basically, her whole site is getting torn down and built back up in the best possible way! Except for her blog posts.

She’s written some great articles, so we want to keep them there. Plus, since it’s a seasoned site we want to keep what every SEO she’s accumulated by keeping as many of the same pages and posts and just making necessary design tweaks.

While I kept her blog posts… I also kept many of the images used in her posts. But I noticed a trend in some of the uploaded photos. Some were as large as 7MB!

Having images on your site larger than 1MB is a BIG no-no in the website world!

I don’t even like uploading 1MB images. You can maintain quality and resolution with the exact same image… without jeopardizing the speed of your site or load time of your pages.

Having large images throughout your site will drastically & negatively affect the speed of your website. And having a slow site affect your user experience AND SEO rankings.

So what can you do if you’ve got a lot of large images you need to upload to WordPress? You’ll want to make sure you adjust the size and then compress the images BEFORE uploading them to your website.

But what if you already have a gazillion images on your website and don’t want to download and re-upload every single one?

If you want to increase your website’s speed and optimize the images you already have on your site, you’ll want to take the steps outlined in the above video.

Basically, I recommend adding the WP Smush plugin to your site and ‘smushing’ aka optimizing and compressing your existing images.

The Imagify Image Optimizer plugin is another popular one, but I find WP Smush much more user-friendly.

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