katie o'brien, website designer for interior designers

Brand & Website Designer for Interior Designers

Hi, I’m Katie O’Brien, and I believe in a business & website that supports you.

When you live a service-led life, a balanced lifestyle isn’t just a goal — it’s a non-negotiable.

Keeping it that way means having tools and systems in place that fully support both you and your business. This includes your website. If you’ve outgrown your website, you have a HUGE opportunity to let your online presence take a load off your plate.

Since 2016, I have seen my brand and website designs land dream clients, scale businesses to new heights, and give their passionate leaders peace of mind.

My one-on-one process for brand and website creation is easy, strategic, and prioritizes what’s most meaningful to you: effortlessly landing your best clients, zero site maintenance, and more time to serve those you love.

You know that relief and joy you feel when you arrive home after a long day? That’s just how it'll feel when we work together.

My values are my commitment to you.


Where there’s simplicity, there’s ease. My seamless process and no-fluff approach makes elevating your brand and website effortless.


Clean, classic and inspired by you is always in style. I believe in timeless over trendy, professional yet personal, and designed to last.


Impact is where strategy meets heart and makes a true difference. I'm here to infuse that into your website to support you and your business.


With every project, I aim to glorify God by using my gifts to serve you. It's not just about creating a website; it's about serving Him.

On a personal note, I'm a quiet Christian, wife to a law enforcement officer and homeschool mama of two.

Aside from my business, I value deepening my relationship with God, spending quality time with my husband, providing a quality education for my two children, and capturing quiet moments in nature. Using my creative gifts to serve others through my business has always been a blessing from God.

In 2011, I dropped out of college to pursue my pursue a coaching certification with iPEC and launch my first business. I was also working a 9-5 at a continuing education software company, providing training and tech support to our clients. However, once my daughter arrived in 2013, I quit the 9-5 to stay home with her and focus on my business.

By 2015, my coaching business was steady, but my home life was not. After my son was born, I struggled to balance coaching clients and caring for my children. I knew I needed to pivot.

In 2016, I enrolled in Marie Forleo's B-School and began brainstorming business ideas that would be more conducive to staying home with two little ones. Soon after, I began offering WordPress support services, and within months, I had a waitlist of clients.

Later in 2016, I transitioned from solely providing WordPress support services to offering a full suite of brand and website design services. I no longer wanted to patch up WordPress problems for clients; I wanted to provide them with quality, long-lasting website solutions for their businesses.

Since then, I've had the privilege of crafting solid brands and websites for hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide. Today, my favorite clients are interior designers and those in the luxury home space.

With a commitment to providing personalized attention to both my clients and my family, I prioritize my past and existing clients and take on only a select few new website projects each year.

If you feel we'd be a great fit, I'd love to connect.