Blending simplicity, creativity + strategy into each and every website design.

When these three attributes are fused together, you're left with a site that doesn't just look good but effortlessly invites your visitors to take purposeful action.

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I'm Katie O'Brien, a Web Designer for coaches specializing in simple + chic (frustration-free) WordPress websites.

As a Certified Professional Coach turned Web Designer, I focus on building websites solely for coaches. This unique ability comes from my background in coaching, running an online business since 2011 plus my love for strategic design.

I'm also crazy passionate about providing coaches, like you, with the tools and know-how to feel confident using and updating their new website. Between video tutorials, 1-1 training and ongoing support services after launching, I'm always just a Zoom call away.

My focus always remains centered around delivering a simplistically, classy brand that accurately reflects who you are and what you do while also delivering you a turnkey WordPress website, so moving forward you can easily edit and tweak your website on your own without feeling lost or intimidated.

Think we'd be a dream team?

I'd love to jump on a call to see how I can support you with a gorgeous new website.

The BackStory

I'm a mama to two crazy yet super sweet children, Ava (5) and Mannix (3).

I'm married to my dream guy who also just so happens to be a dedicated law enforcement officer.

I completed iPEC's (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) coach training program in early 2013.

Just 4 weeks after becoming a certified coach my daughter was born. At this same time, I left my 9-5 to stay home with my daughter and run my coaching business full time.

In 2015, my son was born and things got chaotic. I decided to close the doors to my coaching business, convinced I wouldn't be able to work again until my children were in school full time.

One door closes and another opens. Early 2016, I launched a virtual assistant business that soon evolved into the web design and development business I have today.

Later in 2016 after some reflection, I realized majority of my clients were coaches. At this time I realized I had a special gift, understanding the world of websites AND the coaching industry. I, then, niched down to provide web design specifically for coaches.

I continue to run my business alongside staying home with my children. Each year they become a bit more independent and I'm granted a bit more freedom to grow my business.

God runs this business. While strategy, marketing and referrals are helpful, I lean on the Lord at all times for strength and direction. I firmly believe He provides the right clients at the right times.

Enough about me. Ready to dive in?

Let's jump on a call so I can learn more about you and your business and get your new website project on my calender!!