katie o'brien, interior design website designer

Brand + Website Designer for Interior Designers

Hi, I’m Katie O’Brien, and I believe in a business & website that supports you.

When you live a service-led life, a balanced lifestyle isn’t just a goal — it’s a non-negotiable.

Keeping it that way means having tools and systems in place that fully support both you and your service-based business. This includes your website. If you’ve outgrown your website, you have a HUGE opportunity to let your online presence take a load off your plate.

Since 2016, I have seen my brand and website designs land dream clients, scale businesses to new heights, and give their passionate leaders peace of mind.

My one-on-one process for brand and website creation is easy, strategic, and prioritizes what’s most meaningful to you: effortlessly landing your best clients, zero site maintenance, and more time to serve those you love.

You know that relief and joy you feel when you arrive home after a long day? That’s just how it'll feel when we work together.

My values are my commitment to you.


Where there’s simplicity, there’s ease. My seamless process and no-fluff approach makes elevating your brand and website effortless.


Clean, classic and inspired by you is always in style. I believe in timeless over trendy, professional yet personal, and designed to last.


Impact is where strategy meets heart and makes a true difference. I'm here to infuse that into your website to support you and your business.


With every project, I aim to glorify God by using my gifts to serve you. It's not just about creating a website; it's about serving Him.

On a personal note, I'm a quiet Christian, wife to a law enforcement officer and homeschool mama of two.

Aside from my business, I value deepening my relationship with God, spending quality time with my husband, providing a quality education for my two children, and capturing quiet moments in nature. Using my creative gifts to serve others through my business has always been a blessing from God.

In 2011, I dropped out of college to pursue a coaching certification with iPEC and launch my first business. At the time, I was also working a 9-5 at a continuing education software company, in the training and tech support department. However, once my daughter arrived in 2013, I quit the 9-5 to stay home with her and focus on my business.

By 2015, my coaching business was steady, but my home life was not. After my son was born, I struggled to balance coaching clients and caring for my children. I knew I needed to pivot.

I began brainstorming business ideas that would be more conducive to staying home with two little ones. In early 2016, I enrolled in Marie Forleo's B-School and began offering WordPress support services. Within months, I had a waitlist of clients.

Later in 2016, I transitioned from providing solely support services to offering a full suite of brand and website design services. I no longer wanted to just patch up WordPress problems for clients; I wanted to provide them with quality, long-lasting website solutions for their businesses. Since then, I've had the privilege of crafting sophisticated brands and fuss-free websites for countless entrepreneurs worldwide.

With a commitment to providing personalized attention to both my clients and my family, I take on a limited number of new website projects each year to ensure the highest quality of service and care.

If you believe we’d be a great fit, I’d love to connect and explore how we can work together.

Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-8-Jennifer Montfort

Jennifer Montfort

“Katie’s design sensibilities, processes, and organization all combine to make a seamless and uncomplicated experience from start to finish.”

Jennifer Montfort
Katie OBrien Design Testimonial-2-Shadi Karimi

Shadi Karimi

“Katie made the entire process seamless, resulting in an extraordinary outcome. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Katie for her top-notch expertise and artistry.”

Shadi Karimi
Web Design Testimonial - Evelyn Rennich

Evelyn Rennich

“Katie offered the perfect combination of professional and friendly. Her process was well thought-through and foolproof to deliver the exact website I was dreaming of.”

Evelyn Rennich