About Katie

Passionate about simplicity, strategy, and service.

Katie O'Brien B-School Bonus with Coaching

Hi! I’m Katie O'Brien.

I'm a web designer + brand strategist for professional coaches and consultants.

I’m the designer that starts with strategy, has an obsession with organization and makes it a breeze for my clients to get the modernized website they deserve.

I get where you’re at right now. You might be thinking:

  • My website feels dated and stale...
  • I'm frustrated with my online presence…
  • The thought of a rebrand feels so daunting…
  • It’s a big investment…
  • I’ve procrastinated for too long...
  • My website just doesn’t capture the real me…

If that is how you're feeling, please know, you’re not alone.

Also know, that those were the exact words clients have shared with me right before getting started.

Joseph, Lisa, Astrid, Harriette, Tonya, and so many others over the years were just as frustrated (yet hopeful) as you are right now.

Working through my branding and website design process, things started to shift for them. They started saying:

  • It's amazing to have a website that finally represents the real me…
  • I feel so supported…
  • My website now reflects me, my business and my personality…
  • I'm proud to send people to my website...
  • This process was so smooth, clear and seamless...
  • We are thrilled with our website…

These are the words of real coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, leadership experts, executives, and business owners, just like you.

That’s what it can feel like to finally hook up with a professional web designer that gets you and your business. And that is what I'm all about.

Simplicity. Strategy. Service.

+ fun facts

Because –let's be real– who doesn't love fun facts??

  • Our family is blessed to call Charles Town, West Virginia home.
  • I'm married to a dedicated law enforcement officer.
  • We have a son (4) and daughter (6).
  • I'm a dog-mom to a spunky Pit-mix.
  • I'm a faithful follower of Christ.
  • We're (mostly) a plant-based, whole foods family.
  • I'm a laid-back minimalist. I like clean counters and organized drawers. And I don't do clutter.
  • With that ^ said I'm also a mom raising two kids and a dog... so I aim for grace over perfection.
  • Plants make me smile. A lot.
  • Before website design, I was a Certified Professional Coach and received my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in 2013.
  • I pivoted from coaching to website design shortly after my son was born in 2015.
  • The messy truth behind the above ^ pivot? My son was a difficult baby and had to be glued to me most of the day/night. So I decided to take a few months off to regroup. During that regroup, this business was born. While this wasn’t always the plan, I’m so grateful the chaos of motherhood led my to my dream business.

"Katie has a warm, inviting professionalism that comes packaged with the expertise to create a make-me-shine website. From start to finish I felt heard, understood and supported."

Stacy Dorius, Energy Coach