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5 Reasons to Choose SiteGround to Host Your Website


I tend not to follow the crowd when someone or something new is ‘popular’ and everyone jumps on board. For a while, I thought that way about SiteGround. I felt they were new-ish and wasn’t worth the switch.

But when I had personally been with a handful of other hosting companies that just weren’t cutting it – I decided to give SiteGround a go. I’ll also mention, I worked on a few client sites that were hosted with SiteGround and I was so impressed by their performance, interface, and overall experience.

Today I recommend SiteGround to all my clients because:

1) Their sites are super speedy.

2) They’ve proven to have reliable service.

3) They have an excellent, 24/7 customer support team.

4) Simple to Use cPanel + Account Page

5) WordPress Features (such as staging, caching + backups)

After recommending SiteGround to clients, they often ask for guidance on picking the best plan for them. So I decided I’d give a quick rundown on the features I find the most valuable below:

cPanel Access.

All three plans offer access to cPanel, allows you to manage the files of your website. If something breaks and you can’t access your website, you can go through cPanel to get your site back up and running. I have stopped using hosting platforms in the past when I realized they didn’t offer access to cPanel.


Caching is included in the upper two levels of Siteground plans. Instead of loading each and every feature of every page, every time, caching allows pictures of your website to be displayed instead. It’s a preloaded, faster experience. I see so many people buying plugins and patching services and installing those on their websites. They are all more things to manage and update and pay for… but they aren’t necessary if you host on Siteground.

Clients have come to me with other hosting plans that included caching, and it wreaked havoc: things broke, wouldn’t display properly, and the site would load perfectly fine as soon as I disabled the caching feature on their site. Siteground is the only hosting service I’ve used where the site actually improves with this caching feature.

1-Click Staging.

If you want to make some changes to your live site without worrying about people seeing the process or breaking something important, you usually have to take your site down and post an “Under Maintenance” sign, but not with Siteground.

They let you take a copy of your current site as-is and replicate that into its own staging area where you can play with it, update it, tweak it, whatever you want to do, in a space where no one can see it. Only once you’re ready to have it to live, you click “LIVE” and it overrides your existing site and publishes everything at once.


Depending on your plan, SiteGround allows free backups on-demand. This is helpful if you’re trying to make a big change or updating WordPress, for instance, you can do an on-demand backup right before you update.

There are three SiteGround plans to choose from: Start Up, Grow Big, and Go Geek. While the above features are my favorite, you’ll want to make sure to pick the plan that best suits the needs of your particular website. Some of the most important items to consider would be:

  • Your website traffic
  • Size of your website (i.e. videos, pages, images, etc)
  • Number of websites (if more than one) that will be hosted

I am an affiliate with SiteGround, but would highly recommend them regardless of the small financial kick-back I receive. If you’d like, click here to use my affiliate link to purchase your new hosting plan.

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