[Website Review] How To Optimize Email Pop Ups To Keep Your Viewers Attention

A Website Review for www.kaizenandtheartofmotherhood.com.

What I Love & Great Takeaways:

  • Great use of pop-up to capture emails and increase client list.
  • Target audience clearly defined which helps the viewer to know immediately if your services are for them.
  • Your passion and relatability to your target audience is clear.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Optimize design of pop up. Format image and simplify headline/content.
  • Review site and ensure that opt-ins and clicks to other pages open in a new window so that you don’t risk losing the visitor.
  • Update content so that it defines your title and what you offer as a service more clearly.
  • Refine text on your about page and pull out specific information that is the most important to highlight and that will attract the viewers’ attention.
  • Create visual emphasis through the use of varying font weights and sizing.

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