Coming Soon Web Design for Lifestyle Blogger, Maria Meier


"Initially, the process of finding a web designer was daunting. There are so many options out there, and having been new to it all, I was certainly intimidated and cautious. I knew after reviewing Katie's site and hosting a consult call that she would be someone I would enjoy partnering and working alongside for my landing page.

I just had a gut feeling about her - she appeared authentic and genuinely interested in my vision.

She gave me constructive feedback and took the time to help tailor and make sense of my thoughts. I remember telling my husband after our call that I had a very good feeling about this-- happy to say that I was right!

Katie was extremely prompt in her responses, and also very helpful with providing her expertise and feedback.

I am still actively learning the technical side of things, and Katie made the time to further explain and address in great detail any questions I had when it came to things such as these. I also really enjoyed her sweet demeanor and professionalism. She truly is a dream to work with.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Katie! When looking for a web designer, you seek someone who is professional, an expert in their field, easy to speak with, and who will truly take your vision and make it a reality. She did all of that and then some.

From the initial consult call to the completion of my landing page, the whole experience was such a pleasure!

I remember looking at the creation of this site as a daunting task, but Katie made it fun, easy, and manageable. I learned so much throughout the process, and that is in great part thanks to Katie's constructive feedback."

Maria Meier, Lifestyle Blogger


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