[Website Review] Streamline Your Design & Boost Your Written Content

A WordPress Site Review for Tara Bosler at www.tboslerwriting.com.

What I Love & Great Takeaways:

  • Site states very clearly what you provide.
  • Copy on home page is targeted.
  • Great side bar on blog page to view other content which offers options to retain viewers attention.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Top header logo could be improved. Hiring a designer to create a custom header is recommended.
  • Move social media icons to footer area to avoid the visitor getting pulled away from your sites content.
  • Menu bar requires uniform spacing.
  • Increase the “white space” between the header and body area to provide more visual space.
  • Side bar area could be eliminated. (Home page to be full width, or move your head shot to be beside the copy.)
  • Blog articles could be a little more targeted as it is not clear exactly what you offer.
  • On your blog articles remove the grey background and keep it white.
  • Add more direct CTA’s (call to actions) on how people can connect/hire you.
  • Possibly offer an opt-in to grow your list and provide value to visitors.
  • On your “hire me” section, add some copy as to why they should hire you or what they can expect.

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