Monthly Maintenance To-Dos for Your WordPress Website

Just as you’d take your car in for its routine oil change and take yourself to the dentist for a cleaning… your website needs regular maintenance, too.

This is something you can hire out to your designer or developer or something you can take care of yourself if you’re committed to remembering.

Keeping your site up to date this monthly to-do list is vital for the health, security, and performance of your site.

Your monthly maintenance should at least include:

  • Checking to see if there is a new version of WordPress and updating accordingly.
  • Checking to see if there are any updates to your theme and/or plugins and updating accordingly.
  • Running a full backup of your site files and database.

Other tasks you might want to put on your monthly site checkup could include:

  • Reviewing and replying to any outstanding comments on your blog.
  • Cleaning any spam from your site.
  • Clicking through your site to make sure all links are working properly.
  • Reviewing your Google Analytics statistics.

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