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Where to Find Inspiration for Your New Website Design

You might have already started browsing the internet for some new web design inspiration but are feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options…

Some web design+development professionals might first encourage you to get all of the copy (aka words, text, body) for each of your pages (aka Home, About, Services, etc) together and the technical details together. But that’s actually a mistake when first starting out…

I’m a visual and I’d personally have a hard time coming up with the verbiage for my site if I didn’t have at least an idea of what it would look like.

And I’ve found a lot of others find difficulty in trying to plan for their new websites when they mess up the order of these steps.

That’s why I recommend the very first thing you do, when planning a new website, is to get inspired.

I’m almost positive you’ve already been oooing and aahhing over some drool-worthy sites ever since you’ve become and entrepreneur. Maybe you’ve even found a few dreamy sites you admire… and maybe you want to combine a few of their best features to make your own?

You’ll want to start making a list of exactly what you love about these sites. And if you notice anything you loathe, make note of that, too.

This process is all about gaining clarity for what you want to adopt into making your own unique site.

If you don’t really have any dream worthy sites you idolize, and you’re not sure where to begin to look for inspiration, I’d first recommend Pinterest.

While you’re on the hunt, searching the interwebs, think about the overall vibe of your dream site, then search for inspiration based on that, for example: feminine + minimalist + websites.

Don’t just search for good + websites. Make sure you’re specific so your search results will be, too, like the example below:

And if you can’t get inspired via Pinterest, here are some more great spots to find web design inspiration:

Then when you’ve found all the inspiration you can handle, you’ll want somewhere to keep track of everything. I suggestion, creating a new Pinterest board called Website Love and begin saving all your inspiration in one spot.

Then if you decide to hire a designer or DIY, you’ll have a jumping off place to share or use as a point of reference while designing and building.

Once you get all the inspiration you can handle, you’ll want to move on to Step 2 in your website prep.

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