Why Everyone Really Loves Danielle LaPorte’s Website

Sometimes things are just so beautiful that we want to duplicate them. Ya know, replicate them and then call them our own?

Websites fall victim to this a lot. Especially gorgeous websites from those we admire.

But it’s pretty illegal and downright crummy to copy a designer’s work.

Danielle LaPorte’s website is usually at the top of the list of site’s I get asked to go to for inspiration from my clients. Luckily my clients aren’t asking for me to copy it verbatim.

All they know is they’re in love with Danielle LaPorte’s website design and want something as equally as gorgeous to call their own.

Basically, the most common love-ables seem to be:

  • Her headshots + images. Every. Single. One.
  • Her logo.
  • Her opt-ins.
  • Her About page.
  • Her #truthbomb page. <<– this one might be my personal favorite!

But even if we’re head over heels in love with Danielle’s site or any other website design for that matter, we don’t want to copy it.

And not just because it’s illegal and unethical…

We don’t want to copy someone’s web design because it’s a reflection of their brand and their personality. And your website should authentically reflect your unique brand and your unique personality.

What you can do, however, is to get crystal clear on what it is that you really love so much about that design. What specific elements of the site are you ohhing and ahhing over?

Comb through the site and take notes on what really stands out to you.

Then, share those very specific admirations with a talented designer who can use it as inspiration rather than trying to replicate it.

My biggest tip for those who want a site just like Danielle’s?

Don’t just hook up with a fabulous designer, but go out and get yourself some really great headshots. Speaking from experience, professional headshots + cohesive images throughout your site can make or break your online presence.

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