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How to Give Feedback to your Web Designer

One of the key steps in getting the EXACT website you’ve been dreaming about is having the ability to share effective feedback with your web designer.

While this list was intended to help my clients give me their feedback, this is a helpful resource for anyone working with any type of designer.

So let’s jump in.

At some point in the designer/client relationship there is going to be a chance for Client to share their feedback. But there is such a thing as good vs. bad feedback. Okay… let me rephrase… there is a such thing as effective vs. ineffective feedback.

Here’s a quick example if ineffective feedback that’s difficult for your designer to interpret:

“I don’t really like it. I mean, it’s okay, but somethings off. And I don’t like blue.”

Now here an example of effective feedback that your designer can use to immediately implement revisions she knows you’ll love:

“The font feels off to me. It’s the spacing or lack there of that makes me feel like it’s cramped. And the image in the header feels like it’s just too dark in contrast to the rest of the page. I also don’t really like the blue used in the footer. Can we swap the blue the green that’s on my brand board?”

The biggest difference between the two? Details and specificity. The more specific you are the easier it is for your designer to revise the website to YOUR liking.

Here are some basic tips to remember when sharing feedback with your designer:

Be specific.

Not what, why, where. Really get specific on the details so it’s clear exactly where and what you’re referring to.

Be honest.

I promise you, you won’t hurt your designer’s feelings. And if you do, that’s something they need to work out on their end if they’re in this line of work. 100% honestly is the only way to go to guarantee you get exactly what you want.

Be strategic.

If you share your site with your mom (who’s retired from the 9-5) and your husband (who’s in law enforcement) and you’re a coach for 30-40 year old women entrepreneurs… you’re not going to get the strategic feedback you should. Keep the focus on what would appeal to YOUR ideal client, not your family, dog and neighbor 😉

Be trusting.

Trust your designer has a few more tricks up their sleeve. That when you say something looks cluttered, or too dark, or too light, or Q’s in the font choice makes you squeal… trust your designer will have a fix. Don’t worry about fixing the problem yourself.

Be patient.

Your first reaction might not be the best reaction. I always advise my clients to 1) Take a quick peak and click around briefly and then, 2) Come back the next day and do the thorough review and deep dive. You might be head over heels at first and not want any changes but then the next day things might start popping out at you that you didn’t notice at first. So give it at least a good night’s rest before submitting your revisions.

Be curious.

Like something? Hate something? Wonder what the reasoning behind something was? Designers are strategic and creative animals… there is usually ALWAYS a reason why something is the way it is. If you’re wondering, ask why. I’m certain they’re always happy to explain the reasoning behind a certain design choice on your site.

Above all else, remember your designer has your best interest in heart and loves constructive feedback to get you the design you’re craving.

Designers want you to LOVE your site and are totally okay with receiving feedback and implementing revisions.

Remember working with a designer is a collaboration. You’re partners in this project, be sure to voice your opinion, be honest and use the tips above to guarantee you’re getting a site you love (while simultaneously being your designer’s dream client).

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