How to Best Optimize Images for your WordPress Website

I just started on a brand new re-design for a client. She’s got a smokin’ hot new logo and branding (from my go-to-gal Meghan Turner Design Studios) and some fresh copy. Basically, her whole site is getting torn down and built back up in the best possible way! Except for her blog posts. She’s written some…

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The Monthly Must-Dos for Your WordPress Website

    Just as you’d take your car in for it’s routine oil change and take yourself into the dentist for a cleaning… your website needs regular maintenance, too. This is something you can hire out to your designer or developer or something you can take care of yourself, if you’re committed to remembering. Keeping…

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How to Setup a PayPal Button and Add it to your Website

Have you ever wondered how people get paid from their website? This short tutorial shows you how you can easily add a button to your website that allows your clients to instantly send you money and pay for your services. Go to your PayPal Account Click Tools Click + Open PayPal Buttons Click Create new…

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How to Write the Most Important Pieces of Web Copy

Guest Post by Tara Bosler, Freelance Writer at http://www.tboslerwriting.com/ You have a business! You are so ready to launch it! You have a web designer! Yaay!! Then your designer says, “Go ahead and send your content over and we can get started!” Wait… content? Copy? Oh, okay. Right. Your website needs words and stuff. If you’ve…

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[Website Review] The Secrets to a Successful Home Page

A WordPress Site Review for Jenny Murphy / SoJennyMedia, LLC. What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great use of opt-ins forms. There are plenty of places for users to opt-in but it’s not overwhelming. Beautiful calm colors that are easy on the eyes. Font and copy is simple to read but still has a personality. Suggestions for…

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[Website Review] How to Use Multiple Opt-Ins Without Being Annoying

A WordPress Site Review for BzHealthyMama at www.bzhealthymama.com. What I Love & Great Takeaways: Great use of multiple opt-in opportunities without being annoying. Professional (yet personal!) photography really makes this site what it is. Always make the investment in professional photography. Even just ONE professional headshot can make a HUGE difference in your entire site. Great use of…

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Website Reviews for Busy Entrepreneurs

Thank you so much for your interest in my free + simple website reviews! These free series of reviews have come to close. However, you’re welcome to still browse through the reviews of the past to get some ideas for your own website! Throughout each review I share strategic suggestions for improvements the applicants could make…

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