How to Get Started with MailChimp

I’ve used MailChimp, and only MailChimp, since 2011. It completely satisfied everything I needed for my previous coaching business and definitely holds it’s own in my web design business. I guess, let me back up… I’ve used MailChimp (and only MailChimp) for my business. I’ve worked with several design clients who use ConvertKit, OntraPort, Aweber,…

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How to Best Optimize Images for your WordPress Website

I just started on a brand new re-design for a client. She’s got a smokin’ hot new logo and branding (from my go-to-gal Meghan Turner Design Studios) and some fresh copy. Basically, her whole site is getting torn down and built back up in the best possible way! Except for her blog posts. She’s written some…

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The Monthly Must-Dos for Your WordPress Website

    Just as you’d take your car in for it’s routine oil change and take yourself into the dentist for a cleaning… your website needs regular maintenance, too. This is something you can hire out to your designer or developer or something you can take care of yourself, if you’re committed to remembering. Keeping…

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How to Setup a PayPal Button and Add it to your Website

Have you ever wondered how people get paid from their website? This short tutorial shows you how you can easily add a button to your website that allows your clients to instantly send you money and pay for your services. Go to your PayPal Account Click Tools Click + Open PayPal Buttons Click Create new…

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How to backup your WordPress website with the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

The Simplest Way to Backup Your WordPress Website

You always want to make sure you have a recent backup of your WordPress website to prepare for the unthinkable. You never want to have the stress of losing a website or having it malfunction and not knowing if you’ll ever be able to get your precious baby back. Staying up to date with your…

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How to Write the Most Important Pieces of Web Copy

Guest Post by Tara Bosler, Freelance Writer at You have a business! You are so ready to launch it! You have a web designer! Yaay!! Then your designer says, “Go ahead and send your content over and we can get started!” Wait… content? Copy? Oh, okay. Right. Your website needs words and stuff. If you’ve…

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How to declutter and simplify your website for a clean, classy look.

How to Declutter Your Website for Clean+Classy Feel

Just. Say. No. to Clutter. Whether in your physical space or your online world. Clutter needs to be eliminated. We’re in a noisy world nowadays and there are a lot of should-dos and must-haves… ESPECIALLY when it comes to your website. You’ve gotta have a pop-up. You’ve gotta have 4 pop-ups. You’ve gotta use fun animations.…

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