How to Write the Most Important Pieces of Web Copy

Guest Post by Tara Bosler, Freelance Writer at http://www.tboslerwriting.com/ You have a business! You are so ready to launch it! You have a web designer! Yaay!! Then your designer says, “Go ahead and send your content over and we can get started!” Wait… content? Copy? Oh, okay. Right. Your website needs words and stuff. If you’ve…

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Getting Personal

It’s always nice to know who you’re working with. Not just from a business standpoint but from a person standpoint. So if you’re curious to learn a bit more about my personal life, these sum me up pretty well: I have 10+ years of small business management experience. Ranging from eLearning management system training and…

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Signing Off Twitter Instagram

Why I’m Signing Off Twitter & Instagram

Tonight calls for an impromptu blog post and an impulsive decision to quit both Instagram and Twitter. Let me explain… I launched this business just a few months ago and it’s taken off like WILDFIRE. **insert mega joyful, happy dance** But as many entrepreneurs who experience rapid growth can attest to, it doesn’t come without…

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The Problem with Multitasking

Multitasking sounds amazing. The simultaneous execution of more than one task at a time… uhhh, yes, please! But there are a few problems with this whole multitasking-is-amazing movement. Let’s start with the top 3 problems we’re facing when we’re trying to get more done by multitasking: Multitasking is actually intended for computers. Not for humans.…

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Simplifying Email Inbox

How to Tame an Overwhelming Email Inbox

Remember when you’d power up your computer, connect the phone line and dial-up to connect to the internet? Then we’d log into our Hotmail or AOL and with such anticipation and excitement hear, “You’ve got mail.” We’ve come along way since then. With watches that now buzz your wrist the moment you receive an email to…

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overwhelmed mom entrepreneur

Simplify Overwhelm in Three Easy Steps

When a busy mom entrepreneur is overwhelmed, she really only has three options to ease the load. Purge. Simplify. Delegate. Focusing on these three steps, in this precise order, will calm even the most over overwhelmed entrepreneur. Step 1 :: Always purge first. Why organize or simplify or make something work when you can afford to rid of it…

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Regain Your Day

Time Management Made A Little Simpler

Too many of us can relate to the feeling of our days spinning out of control. Craving more time at the end of each day. Our minds racing with the unfinished to-dos as we try to drift off to sleep… and maybe we even pop up one more time to get one more thing done.…

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3 Keys for Finding Instant Relief as an Overwhelmed Mom Entrepreneur

Ever had one of those evenings when you just sob about how overwhelmed you are? Everything is just piling on and you’re depleted. You’re not alone. I’ve been there. Many of my clients have been there. And from my experience I’ve discovered three simple keys for instant relief when you’re feeling overwhelmed that will even help eliminate future overwhelm from taking…

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