How to Ensure You’ll Get the Best Headshots for Your Website

One of the greatest investments you can make for your business is getting hooked up with some professional headshots that truly reflect who you are and what your brand represents. But sometimes my clients tend to get stuck on this step, wondering who to book, what to wear, how to pose… they usually circle back…

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How I Manage My Editorial Calendar & Blog Content with CoSchedule

I bought an annual subscription to CoSchedule a few months ago and really haven’t jumped in until just recently. I have so many blog post and video ideas I couldn’t find a means to managing it all. Plus, I really wanted to get on a regular publishing schedule, but just couldn’t find my rhythm. Until…

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How to Write Your Website Copy

Guest Post by Tara Bosler You have a business! You are so ready to launch it! You have a web designer! Yaay!! Then your designer says, “Go ahead and send your content over and we can get started!” Wait… content? Copy? Oh, okay. Right. Your website needs words and stuff. If you’ve been looking at…

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How to Tame an Overwhelming Email Inbox

Remember when you’d power up your computer, connect the phone line and dial-up to connect to the internet? Then we’d log into our Hotmail or AOL and with such anticipation and excitement hear, “You’ve got mail.” We’ve come along way since then. With watches that now buzz your wrist the moment you receive an email to…

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The Problem with Multitasking

Multitasking sounds amazing. The simultaneous execution of more than one task at a time… uhhh, yes, please! But there are a few problems with this whole multitasking-is-amazing movement. Let’s start with the top 3 problems we’re facing when we’re trying to get more done by multitasking: Multitasking is actually intended for computers. Not for humans.…

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