How to Give Feedback to your Web Designer

One of the key steps in getting the EXACT website you’ve been dreaming about is having the ability to share effective feedback with your web designer. While this list was intended to help my clients give me their feedback, this is a helpful resource for anyone working with any type of designer. So let’s jump…

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Why Everyone Really Loves Danielle LaPorte’s Website

Sometimes things are just so beautiful that we want to duplicate them. Ya know, replicate them and then call them our own? Websites fall victim to this a lot. Especially gorgeous websites from those we admire. But it’s pretty illegal and downright crummy to copy a designer’s work. Danielle LaPorte’s website is usually at the…

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How to Create an Outline for Your Website

When I first meet with clients during a strategy session, one of my top priorities is to understand the basic outline of their site. Understanding the basic outline and user flow of your site is just as important as a classy new design. If you’re DIYing, this step can be taken on your own… but…

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How to Ensure You’ll Get the Best Headshots for Your Website

One of the greatest investments you can make for your business is getting hooked up with some professional headshots that truly reflect who you are and what your brand represents. But sometimes my clients tend to get stuck on this step, wondering who to book, what to wear, how to pose… they usually circle back…

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Where to Find Inspiration for Your New Website Design

You might have already started browsing the internet for some new web design inspiration but are feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options… Some web design+development professionals might first encourage you to get all of the copy (aka words, text, body) for each of your pages (aka Home, About, Services, etc) together and the technical…

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5 Steps to Take When You’re Ready for Website a Makeover

You’ve been ready for a new website for a little while now and you think you’re ready to dive right into hiring a pro. But did you know there are some vital steps that should be taken before hiring your web designer? A great web designer will certainly coach and guide you through all of…

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4 Things to Have Ready BEFORE Hiring a Web Designer

Many of my clients come to me for a strategy session simply with an idea they want a new site. That’s okay, but it’s helpful to have a few more things in place at least prior to hitting that checkout button. Many of them don’t realize is there is a lot of homework that needs…

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How to Declutter Your Website for Clean+Classy Feel

We’re in a noisy world nowadays and there are a lot of should-dos and must-haves… ESPECIALLY when it comes to your website. You’ve gotta have a pop-up. You’ve gotta have 4 pop-ups. You’ve gotta use fun animations. You’ve gotta have flashy buttons. You’ve gotta have bla bla bla bla bla… Any time you hear someone…

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