How to Create a Site Outline

How to Create a Strategic Outline for Your Website

When I first meet with clients during a strategy session, one of my top priorities is to understand the basic outline of their site. Understanding the basic outline and user flow of your site is just as important as a classy new design. If you’re DIYing, this step can be taken on your own… but…

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3 Things to Love About the Latest WordPress Update 4.7

3 Things to Love About the Latest WordPress Update, 4.7

WordPress just released an update to their database that offers some great new functionality for new and experienced website owners alike. Check out the top three things to love about the new WordPress 4.7: 1) Theme Starter Content This is great for brand new website DIYers who don’t have any copy and really don’t know…

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How to declutter and simplify your website for a clean, classy look.

How to Declutter Your Website for Clean+Classy Feel

Just. Say. No. to Clutter. Whether in your physical space or your online world. Clutter needs to be eliminated. We’re in a noisy world nowadays and there are a lot of should-dos and must-haves… ESPECIALLY when it comes to your website. You’ve gotta have a pop-up. You’ve gotta have 4 pop-ups. You’ve gotta use fun animations.…

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Thinking you might be ready for a new website? You'll want to take these steps before you start revamping that outdated website:

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